VPN stand for “Virtual Private Network” use for :

1.) To virtualize outside internet user to be in local PSU internet network.

2.) Access PSU exclusively resource that’s only available on PSU local network from outside network.

Who can use PSU VPN:

1.) PSU students , lecturers and staffs.

2.) Other people whose is granted permission exclusively.

For this article will show how to use for windows 8,8.1 or 10 users.

1.) Download program called “FortiClient” here

2.) Double click on downloaded program and the check on “Yes, I have read and accept the License Agreement” and click “Next”

3.) Check on “Security Fabric Agent” and “Secure Remote Access” then click  “Next”

4.) Installation folder windows will appear then click “Next”

5.) Click “Install”

6.) Wait installation progress until finish then click “Finish”

7.) FortiClient icon will appear on desktop, double click it.

8.) Click on “Remote Access” then click on “Configure VPN”

9.)  Do following step:

  • On “Connection Name” type “psu vpn”.
  • On “Remote Gateway” type “vpn2.psu.ac.th” on it.
  • On “Authentication” choose “Save login”.
  • On “Username” type your PSU Passport username.
  • Click “Apply” then click “Close”

10.) Log in form will be appeared, type your PSU passport username and password on the form then click “Connect”

11.) If the connection to PSU VPN is success the notification will be shown like this, you are connected to PSU-VPN now

12.) If you want to disconnect from PSU-VPN simply right click on FortiClient icon at right-bottom corner then click disconnect from PSU-VPN

13.) Next time when you want to access PSU VPN just double click FortiClient icon then the login form will be appeared type on your password, if you want to save password then check on “Save password” for next time you just click “Connect” button to access PSU VPN.



Support Contact

Internal phone number : (93) 2129


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